Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charmaine's Message!

Charmaine left fans a message at her official forum 2 days ago. I'll translate the message for those who can't read Chinese^^

Printscreen credit to Sehseh



This year I spent my Birthday very happily. Besides receiving presents from you all, the most important thing is receiving your wishes and aware of your support and love, and specially celebrating my birthday for me. I am very surprised and touched. But I also don't want you all to spend too much money and time because of me. You all celebrated my birthday for me, but I will also be worried of your safety. A women even walking alone there will be danger. You all care about me but at the same time I care for you all too ma!

Besides being aware of your love and support, you all have to love yourselves too. Do not neglect your studies and work because of me, spending too much until affecting your life routines. I can receive all your blessings to me and I feel very touched.

Let's all work hard together, doing the best of our lifes. This is the best reward form our support to each other.

In the following days, I will be on leave. I hope that the company will arrange more outstation functions for me in the near future so that I can meet you all more often!

If reposted please give due credit.

Ivy : Thanks Charmaine for her message! Yes she's right. Don't neglect your work and studies!! Haha. As an idol, their fan's safety and well-being comes first. I hope that Charmaine could come to Malaysia soon! It's been about 2 years since she last came to Malaysia for any functions. Hope to see you soon Charmaine!

Also, she updated her blog with a video on Beautiful Cooking II. Check it out at


O said...

Thank you very much for translation.

Finally I can understand what Charmaine wrote.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this blogger and Charmaine advise that we should not waste so much time on somethings that are not really important.

At times certain things that are So Small might be misinterpret or blown out of porpotion.